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Jun 8, 2020

Join hosts Kurt and Trish as they share the story of Tidal League and how a love of sports and entertainment resulted in the company we see today.

From Jurassic Park Halifax where hundreds of Raptors fans came together to watch live outside in Roger’s Square, the phenomenal run to the championship that united a Country, to the launch of our first podcast, Court-side Moms and the incredible stories we’ve had the opportunity to hear from the perspective of the moms of professional athletes.

We hear about what it takes to turn a startup into a success, the importance of relationships and the ability to adapt quickly. 2020 was headed in one direction and as a result of the pandemic, and the uniqueness of Tidal League in its ability to pivot and adapt as things change, we altered course and our newest shows were born - the Tidal League Podcast and Tidal League FC.