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Jun 29, 2020

Trish and KB talk about grassroots basketball in Canada, how things have changed, in particular over the past 20 years where opportunities for young Canadians dreaming of a pro basketball career have evolved. From Drake to the success of Canadian players in the NBA to Raptormania, the popularity of the sport has grown incredibly, becoming the most participated in game in Canada.

North Pole Hoops is a big reason for these changes. Begun 10 years ago by brothers Tariq and Elias Sbiet, North Pole Hoops has evolved into a leading resource for Canadian basketball prospects from coast-to-coast. Our guest today is Tariq Sbiet and he talks about the inspiration behind the organization, and how they have helped shape the basketball landscape resulting in Canada having the most international NBA talent in the world, with an inevitable incline for years to come.

Spearheaded by NPH, our guest talks about the development of the National Preparatory Association, an organization that is evolving Canadian basketball, providing student-athletes an opportunity to play high level hoops on home soil, with an emphasis on development on and off the floor, accompanied with the highest form of exposure. Tariq shares the challenges and successes they’ve faced and gives us his thoughts on a road map for the future. It’s another great episode so join us and tune in!