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Apr 20, 2021

Today’s guest, Nigerian born Canadian basketball player Eugene Omoruyi, grew up playing soccer and only switched to basketball because he grew too big. He tells us today, he never looked back and his drive for the game has fueled his success.

During our conversation we talk about his experience being an immigrant, the sacrifices his family made, the lessons he learned to fight for what he wanted and what BrokeBaby is all about.

From his days at Orangeville Prep, the first Canadian Prep School to rival those in the US, playing alongside Jamal Murray and Thon Maker to playing for the Oregon Ducks he shares with us how he overcame the obstacles thrown his way. Eugene talks about declaring for the 2021 draft and what he’s doing to prepare both mentally and physically.   

We reminisce about the 2019 Raptors NBA championship run, how they inspired and motivated him and other young players and the power of sports to unite and divide.  

We talk about the recent trade of Canadian Khem Birch to the Raptors, if he sees himself playing for Canada’s team, his hopes and dreams for the future including the legacy he hopes to leave behind.  He tells us about his Godsent Foundation, created to give back to his roots in Nigeria and his thoughts on the racial divide that is so prevalent today.