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May 17, 2021

Today we are joined by WNBA Champion, Sixth Woman of the Year, and WNBA All-Star Jantel Lavender, one of the newest members of the Indiana Fever. Entering her 10th year in the WNBA, we talk about the disparities between the NBA and WNBA and her role as a leader and a voice in inspiring other young girls to be their true selves.

With more and more networks airing WNBA games, fans will have unprecedented access to watch the women play and our podcast today continues to raise the profile of the League and the elite athletes who have changed the way the game is played. 

With the start of the WNBA season, Jantel shares her thoughts on how the League has used its platform to raise the profile of social justice issues, in particular, the Black Lives Matter movement, how breaking her foot impacted her career in exceptional ways, and what she’s most looking forward to, playing for her new team.

We talk about what it was like to play for the LA Sparks and Magic Johnson at the Staples Centre, winning it all in the 2016 championship series. Jantel tells us about the constant grind to stay at the top and in the game, the pressure around body image, and her message to other women who face similar challenges - celebrate yourself!