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Jan 8, 2021

In 2018 a new Instagram account, LeagueFits, was born linking the world of basketball and fashion - two areas that seem worlds apart. The NBA tunnel has become the runway for the most stylish of players and today we are joined by one of the co-creators, Creative Producer at Slam, Ian Pierno.

Ian talks about how LeagueFits began, his love of basketball being the inspiration, the culture of the sport which is unique among professional leagues, how he ended up at Slam, and the coming together of streetwear and high fashion as a form of individual expression.

We also talk about Ian’s new initiative, Men Can Be Sad. He opens up about his own mental health, how hearing the stories of others helped him to normalize his experiences and how he hopes this platform will allow him to help others cope with their own demons.

Ian gives us his thoughts on the Canadian players who are tops on the swag list, where the Raptors rate in the LeagueFits standings, where the WNBA fits - in his opinion the most fashionable sports league in the world, his favorite player look and what the future holds for him and for LeagueFits.