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Nov 17, 2020

Miami Heat Guard, Duncan Robinson, joins us as he gears up after a short off season for the start of the 2021 NBA season.

Tune in as Duncan chats about the lead up to the finals, how things came together for the team, the special run that almost led to an NBA championship and how he handled the intensity and the pressure of playing on the NBA’s biggest stage.  

After only two seasons, he’s already in the record books and we hear what goals he’s set for himself, his predictions for the coming year, why his philosophy around taking the shot has changed and the legends he’s looked up to.

Duncan shares what he hopes to accomplish beyond basketball with the platform he’s been given, his gratitude for his family and his ability to share his experiences and successes with those who are most important to him.   

We talk style, comfort, LeagueFits and why he hasn’t yet made a splurge purchase!