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Oct 15, 2020

Lexie Brown, WNBA star of the Minnesota Lynx, joining from the IMG “Wu”bble, opens up about her career, the future of women in basketball, the opportunities that come from her experiences and the platform that’s created to influence important world events. The WNBA are the leaders in championing social justice issues and Lexie talks about what that means to her and how she’s embraced her ability to make an impact.  

We talk about how different it is to play in the WNBA compared to her college days, the level of excellence in the league and what it’s like to play with the women she’s looked up to since she was a young baller.   

 Lexie shares stories of when her dad played for the Raptors, the similarities between her story and Kobe and his daughter Gigi, the impact Kobe had on advancing women’s basketball, the meaning of the orange hoodie, and who really rules the court in a pickup game - girls or guys?

To wrap things up we talk shoes, what’s in her closet, the start of tunnel walks in the WNBA, how she manages her social media image, the higher expectations placed on women in sport and what her hopes are for her future.