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May 25, 2020

Today we welcome WNBA star Kia Nurse, guard with the New York Liberty. At just 24 years old she is already a 2 time WNBL champion, 2 time NCAA champion and WNBA All Star and in this episode we hear her story.

She first began playing at age 4 and Kia tells us how basketball changed for her from a hobby, to a way to get an education, to believing she could make it in the WNBA. Playing at the most successful women’s basketball college, UCONN, Kia talks about what it was like, and how fate landed her there.

Coming from an athletic family with strong female athletes we hear about the pressures she felt early in her career and how as she’s gotten older, she’s realized the positive impact this has had on her success.

We explore with her the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and hear her take on how that could change the face of women’s basketball. She also shares some fun stories about recently signing with the Jordan Brand and what it felt like to meet “The Goat” for the first time.

She gives us her opinions on the trailblazers in today’s game, walks us through the NBA finals last year and the excitement of cheering the Raptors to the championship and her expectations to make the podium at next year’s Olympics.

As a role model for women in sports, Kia shares what she’s learned from her role models and how that has shaped who she is and helped her to establish her own platform and find her own voice. She is one of the brightest stars in the WNBA, and you don’t want to miss this engaging and entertaining episode.