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Oct 20, 2020

As one of the most recognizable voices in basketball and longtime broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors, our guest today, Jack Armstrong needs no introduction to Raptor’s fans.   

The voice of the team, he has become an integral part of the fan experience and we hear what this has meant to him.  Jack shares the remarkable journey he’s been on with the Raptors and as we relive the exciting moments of game 6 when the Raptors won their first championship Jack talks of how the team united a Country inspiring young athletes across Canada.

With Toronto being the third largest market in pro sports we get into the politics of basketball and how the NBA can do more to sell its sport beyond the borders of the US.  

We talk about what it was like calling games while outside the bubble, the recent championship series, the future of the Raptors and the NBA as we continue through the pandemic. 

Jack tells us who he thinks is the greatest Raptor of all time and his predictions on the talented young Canadian players making their way to both the NBA and the WNBA.

Tune in to hear Jack’s beloved voice one more time as we wrap up the 2020 NBA season.  

“Get that garbage outta here!”